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1.    纵向磁化线圈采用自主知识产权的双螺旋锁紧开合线圈,保证磁化线圈接点不发热不打火,线圈通电可靠,磁化效果稳定,线圈寿命长

2.    采用了变频传动装置来控制车轴旋转,转速可自由设定并实现动态换向,便于观察磁痕

3.    采取磁化电流不等值衰减措施,关断电源时自动退磁,被检测工件剩磁小

4.    采用了先进的可控硅调流系统,磁化电流连续可调

5.    床式一体化设计,无须特殊基础,安装维修简便

6.    磁化方式:复合磁场

7.    周向磁化峰值电流:0-4800A连续可调

8.    纵向磁化磁动势:0-28000AT连续可调

9.    检测表面磁场强度:24003200A/m

10.         周向磁化夹头最大间距:2650mm

11.         支撑最大工件重量:1500kg

12.         退磁方式:原位衰减法

13.         检测灵敏度:清晰显示A1型标准试片15/507/50)的人工缺陷

14.         剩磁:不大于0.3mT







JWZ-A Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector for Axle

Applicable scope

It is suitable for the surface magnetic particle testing of locomotive and rolling stock axles

Features and Technical parameters

1.      Longitudinal magnetization coil with independent intellectual property rights of the double helix locking opening and closing coil, guarantee the magnet coil contact not fever ,  magnetizing effect is stable, the coil have long service life

2.      Adopted the variable frequency drive to control axle rotation, speed can be set freely and realize dynamic commutation

3.      Adopting attenuation measure of magnetization current’s difference value, It can  demagnetize automatically and has little residual field when shut off the power.

4.      Magnetizing current controlled by SCR module of voltage regulation,It can be adjusted at any time

5.      Bed struct integration design, without special foundation, easy installation and maintenance

6.      Magnetization mode: resultant magnetic field

7.      The peak value current of circular magnetization:0-4800A continuously adjustable

8.      Longitudinal magnetization MMF: 0-28000AT continuously adjustable.

9.      Magnetic field intensity on detection surface: 2400(3200)A/m

10.  The maximal distance of circular magnetic heads:2650mm

11.  The maximal weigh of mobile support work-piece: 1500kg

12.  Demagnetization method: in situ decay

13.  Detecting sensitivity: Clearly displays the artificial defect of A1 standard test piece 15/507/50

14.  Residual Field: ≤0.3mT

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