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产品名称: XGT-A型旋转磁场井式车钩零件探伤机(三代) 产品备注:
规  格:   产品类别: 旋转磁场井式系列
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1.        采用自主知识产权的旋转磁场磁化技术对探伤零件非接触磁化,适应能力强,检测可靠

2.        探伤主机采用井式结构,钩体、钩舌等被检测件垂直吊挂探伤,不须摘钩即可探伤,操作简便效率高

3.        磁化电流由可控硅调压模块控制,电流大小可根据根据检测的需要随时调整

4.        PLC程序控制喷淋与磁化过程,减少影响探伤的人为因素,操作简单

5.        磁化装置立放,外观简洁占地面积小,磁悬液垂直回流损失少

6.        磁化方式:旋转磁场

7.        输入功率: 45kW

8.        磁化峰值电流:0-2500A连续可调

9.        检测效率:20/小时

10.    井口尺寸:660×620mm800×600mm

11.    磁悬液箱容积:45 L

12.    检测灵敏度:清晰显示A1型标准试片15/50的人工缺陷

13.    剩磁:不大于0.3mT

14.    主机外形尺寸:1.07×0.91×0.90m1.18m×1.06m×0.93m

15.    主机总重:680kg780kg







XGT-A Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector (Pit shape ) for Coupler Accessories

(Third generation)

Applicable scope

For magnetic particle testing of couplers, coupler knuckle, axle box, and various other accessories with complicated shapes.

Features and Technical parameters

1.        Adopt to the independent intellectual property rights of rotating magnetic field non-contact magnetization, magnetic field distribution more uniform, use and reliable

2.        Adopt to the well structure, such as coupler, coupler knuckle is detected a vertical hanging detection, easy to operate with high efficiency.

3.        Magnetizing current controlled by SCR module of voltage regulation, current can be adjusted at any time according to the need of the inspection

4.        Inspection process adopts PLC programmable controller control, easy operation and reliable

5.        Magnetizing device vertically, appearance is concise and cover an area of an area small, less magnetic suspension vertical flow loss

6.        Magnetization mode: Rotary Magnetic Field

7.        Input power: 45kW

8.        The peak value current of magnetization: 0-2500A continuously adjustable

9.        Detecting Efficiency:20 couplers(coupler yoke, coupler knuckle)/h

10.    The size of well mouth: 660×620800×600mm

11.    Volume of Magnetic-field-Supported Fluid Tank:45L

12.    Detecting Sensitivity: Clearly displays the artificial faults of A1 standard test piece 1550

13.    Residual Field: ≯ 0.3Mt

14.    Mainframe Contour Size: 1.07×0.91×0.90(1.18×1.06×0.93)m

15.    Mainframe Gross Weight: 680 (780) kg


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